456 Alloy Road Brake Pads


456 Alloy Road Brake Pads


We’re not sure what’s worse: the screeching howl of corroded, worn-out brake pads, or not being able to stop your bike. It’s probably the stopping thing, now that we think about it. Either way, BikeSmart high-quality replacement cartridge and disc pads are an affordable way to put some fresh stopping power on your bike. Remember—the faster you can slow down, the faster you can go.

  • Cartridge-style pads use inserts to make brake pad replacement simple and inexpensive
  • Grippy, long lasting rubber insert compound
  • Adjustable angle for toe-in adjustment and even wear pattern
  • Hardware included
  • Uses replaceable BikeSmart 456 cartridge inserts
  • Shimano compatible

Part number: BRK0420

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